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About Us

Child's World Preschool and Child Care has been serving the Woodbury community and surrounding towns for over 24 years. Founded in 1993, it is located on eleven quiet country acres bordering Southbury and Roxbury and is conveniently located within minutes of Exit 14 and 15, I- 84. The open landscape abutted by natural woods provides children the opportunity to explore nature up close and supports the opportunity to bring the classroom outdoors.


Child's World Preschool and Child Care has been accredited by the National Association for the Education for Young Children (NAEYC) since 2005. Child's World follows the guidelines set forth by the NAEYC Code of Ethical Conduct and practices professional responsibilities and relationships with the children in our care, families who entrust their children to our program, among fellow colleagues and within our community and society.


All staff working at Child's World has a formal educational background in Early Childhood Education and continuously attends workshops/ seminars to keep abreast of the changes in early childhood. Teachers are also required to be CPR/First Aid Certified and are able to distribute medication accompanied by proper documentation.

About Us

Child's World Preschool and Child Care has just celebrated it's 24th Anniversary. We are a small preschool and child care program that has had the opportunity to serve the families of Woodbury and surrounding towns since 1993. We provide child care on a full or part time basis as well as a preschool education based on the CT ELDS (Early Learning and Development Standards) inclusive in the program. We are licensed by CT DPH (Lic. # 15232) and are accredited by the National Association for the Education of Young Children. (NAEYC). We would like to take this opportunity to  express our heartfelt gratitude to all the families both past and present who have entrusted us with the care and education of their child (ren) and look forward to many more years of success and service to the community.

Philosophy Statement

Child's World believes that each child should be afforded to grow and learn at their own pace. We believe in offering children many outlets for learning that are developmentally appropriate for each age group. The program and practices we offer reflect many recommendations and polices of The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) as well as the Connecticut Department of Public Health (DPH) and education.

Mission Statement

To provide a safe, nurturing and educational environment where children are afforded the opportunity to aspire into their own true selves.

Education Program:


We strongly believe that the 'process' not the 'product' is the key to your child's learning experience.     

At Child's World, we strive to make your child(ren's) learning experience as enjoyable as possible. We tend to be creative and innovative in our teaching and we follow the CT ELDS (Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards)   We target the four domains of development - Personal/Social Development, Physical Development, Cognitive Development and Creative Expression/ Aesthetic Development. All observations and assessments of your child(ren) will be documented in various ways and all teachers working with your children are knowledgeable in the program's goals and content standards associated with the standards used.


Child's World Preschool and Child Care follows The Connecticut Guidelines for the Development of Early Learning for Infants and Toddlers. All observations and assessments will be conducted using The Creative Curriculum for Infants and Toddlers and will be documented in various ways. All teachers working with child(ren) will be knowledgeable in these tools.

School Age Children:

Children returning to Child's World after spending a whole day at school will not have a duplication of that day. Children will be afforded the opportunity to do their homework quietly with assistance from teachers when necessary. They will be provided the opportunity to go outdoors to engage in supervised physical activities or quiet activities of their choosing. (Bus transportation provided to/from MES, Star Program at WMS)       

* 'Snacks' Child's World serves two nutritious snacks per day in the Preschool/ Toddler groups and school age children receive a snack upon arrival to Child's World.

Our Approach

The Multiple Intelligences Theory, developed and researched by Dr. Howard Gardener, recognizes the multifaceted profile of the human mind. Dr. Gardner believes that every human posses several intelligences in greater or lesser degrees. Each person is born with a unique intelligence profile and uses any or all of these intelligences to acquire knowledge and experience.

At Child's World we agree that there is no one ultimate way for children to learn. Teachers must nurture all types of intelligences that contribute to the worth of the individual and society. They must be guided in reason and balance and consider the versatility of all children. They must also be aware of each child's multiple ways of thinking and learning.

At Child's World our classroom is designed so as to afford each individual child the opportunity to learn, participate and understand the lessons and material provided in a variety of ways to best meet their individual learning style.

Brief Description


What is it: Sensitivity to the meaning and order of words. These children use an expanded vocabulary and usually like to tell jokes, riddles or puns. They also like to read, write and tell stories and play word games.

Logical- Mathematical

What is it: The ability to handle chains of reasoning and to recognize patterns and orders. These learners enjoy working with numbers, want to know how things work, ask lots of questions, and collect items and keep track of their collections.

Bodily- Kinesthetic

What is it: The ability to use the body skillfully and handle objects adroitly. Kinesthetic learners enjoy sports and love to be physically active. They tend to use body language, dance, act or engage in mime.


What is it: Sensitivity to pitch, rhythm, melody and tone. These children love to listen to and play music, sign, hum and move to the rhythm, and create and duplicate tunes.


What is it: The ability to perceive the world accurately and re- create or transform aspects of that world. These learners like doodling, painting, drawing and building with blocks. They also enjoy looking at maps, doing puzzles and mazes, and taking things apart and putting them back together.


What is it: Recognizing and classifying the numerous species, the flora and fauna, of an environment. These children love to spend time outdoors observing plants, collecting rocks and catching insects, and are attune to relationships in nature.


What is it: Understanding people and relationships. These children have many friends and tend to mediate between them and be excellent team players.


What is it: The ability to use ones emotional life as a means to understand oneself and others. Children with this type of intelligence control their own feelings and moods and often observe and listen. They do best when working alone. 

A Typical Day at Child's World

When I examine objects at the science table, I am learning...

  • new vocabulary
  • concepts of texture, color, weight, size, etc.
  • to group objects into categories, and observe likeness and differences
  • to appreciate nature and develop a sense of wonder. 

When I paint at the easel, I am learning...

  • eye- hand coordination
  • concepts of color, shape, and location
  • to exercise my imagination and creativity
  • about how colors mix to form new colors
  • that there are a variety of materials and tools to paint with.

When I play with blocks, cars, and trucks, I am learning...

  • concepts of shape, size, length, and location, all related to learning to read and do mathematics
  • to exercise my imagination and creativity
  • to create and repeat patterns, a math skill
  • to express my ideas
  • to cooperate with others
  • to solve problems
  • about the properties of wood
  • to see myself from a different perspective, that of a giant.

When I play in the dramatic play, I am learning...

  • to be flexible in my thinking 
  • to express myself in sentences 
  • to try out different adult roles 
  • to solve problems, especially socially, through negation with friends 
  • to sort and organize play things 
  • to make decisions
  • to improve and use things in a symbolic way to represent something else... form of abstract thinking
  • to carry out my ideas, with the cooperation of others 
  • to exercise my imagination and creativity

When I play with puppets, I am learning...

  • to express with words 
  • to take on the role of someone else 
  • to communicate with voice tones as well as words 
  • to use my imagination

When I play with puzzles, I am learning...

  • eye- hand coordination 
  • concepts of shapes, size, color, and location 
  • vocabulary related to the subject of the puzzle 
  • problem solving based on clues of the puzzle 
  • about negative and positive space, seeing something against its background 
  • Sorting, as I group "sets" of puzzle pieces belonging to different puzzles

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